Monday, July 21, 2008

Denver (Lake Norman) ~ Oh! What Growth...

Prior to getting married my husband and I discussed where we were going to make our home; the year was 1984. We came to the conclusion that Denver (Lake Norman) would be the best area to begin. We began here and have stayed here and can't think of anywhere else we would like to be.

In the beginning though, I was really concerned that I wouldn't be able to adapt. Prior to this I lived in the "BIG" city Charlotte and loved it. Loved the closeness to everything from SouthPark to Harris Teeter, from movies to bowling alleys, from Carowinds to the coliseum and let's not forget Douglas International Airport. Everything at your fingertips!! And did I mention that I worked in Uptown Charlotte?

Denver in 1984 was so different than it is today. Denver only had three neighborhoods: Westport, Country Valley, and Forest Oaks. The closest large grocery store was the Food Lion in Huntersville. Hardies was our only fast food chain. The only bank was NCNB now known as Bank of America. The intersection at Highway 73 and Highway 16 was a stop sign and all corners were wooded. We had one vet, one dentist, one eye doctor, a few medical doctors, and one Denver Pharmacy. We had no public sewer system everyone had septic systems. Our two fire departments (East Lincoln and Denver) were voluntary. We had one elementary school, one junior high (middle school), and one high school.

Today we have a vast amount of neighborhoods: Willow Farms, Maple Leaf, Rock Springs, Deer Track, West Bay, SailView, Austin Shores, Ashley Cove, Verdict Ridge, Cowans Ford, Prospect Hills, Forest Hills, Stillwater, Webbs Chapel Cove, Governors Island, Governors Landing, Cameron Woods, The Ranches at Beth Haven, Catawba Springs, Forest Ridge, etc., etc., and the list goes on and continues to grow.... We now have three Food Lions, one Harris Teeter, and a new super Wal-Mart to do our grocery shopping. We now have several banks in the area, most all are the major banks, all with the exception of Wachovia (there is a Wachovia ATM) though.. The intersection of Highway 73 and Highway 16 is known as Waterside Crossing. We now have three vets, several dentist, medical doctors, and pharmacies. About ten years ago a public sewer system was put in place but as of now we are tapped out due to the rapid growth. The amount of schools in our area has grown. We now have four elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools.

If you or if you know of someone that is interested in moving to our area, please contact me. Having lived in this area for the past 24+ years I feel that I would be a real asset in your search for housing in the Denver (Lake Norman) area. I have a great relocation kit that I would like send you. If interested please go to: , go to RELO KIT where you can order one free of charge!! Also, I have free gift offer that you should read too!

Teresa in Denver

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