Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pet Feature ~ Meet Bear and Bella

Pet Feature ~ Meet Bear and Bella

Today I received an email from Melissa, a local lady that read one of my blog posts. As most people who subscribe to my blogs know I blog a lot about localism in the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas, about living green, and about pets. I am a firm believer that pets have an innocent way of enhancing our life’s if given a chance.

Melissa had read my, ‘Operation Noah’s Ark’ post which was about the rescue of hundreds of animals in an animal hording case. In fact this post has created more emails and calls than any other that I have written thus far; emails and calls asking who to contact to adopt these animals.

For the past month I have wanted to have a pet of the week or month that needs to be adopted, in hopes of being a link in assisting pets get a second chance.

Today, I was given the sign that now is the time to do my part.

The reason Melissa emailed me today was to find out if ‘Operation Noah’s Ark’ could take on two more dogs that were left at her house. Although, the organization will be contacted, I really doubt that they will be able to take on two more, with the hundreds and hundreds that they have to keep until the case goes to trial ….

Trust me I know that most all shelters and humane societies are maxed out, but I just can’t help but think that maybe someone in cyberspace is possibility looking for a great pet and will see these pictures and fall in love with them and decide to adopt them.

So Melissa this one is for you ~ my very first Pet Feature goes to Bear and Bella!

Please Meet Bear and Bella

They are sisters, who are beagle mixed, approximately one year old. Since they are sisters and they have been raised together since birth, it is Melissa’s wishes to try and keep them together.

If you are interested in more information about Bear and Bella or if you have a pet that needs a new home that you would like featured please email me or call me at 704-458-1807. Pet Feature is FREE!

Teresa in Denver

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