Monday, September 15, 2008

Kudo's To Lowes' . . . Going GREENER

Kudo’s To Lowes’ . . . Going GREENER

Okay, I’m excited! Most will think I have totally flipped to be excited about this, but I am. This weekend I was in Lowes Home Improvement and saw that they are trying to go GREENER. They now offer reusable shopping bags and they are quality ones at that.

Lowes originally was started in North Wilkesboro, NC but has since moved to Mooresville, NC. It is really nice to see companies seeing the importance of trying to get away from the use of plastic shopping bags.

Seeing turtles dying from mistakenly eating plastic bags is all it took for me. Since then 95% of the time we take our own reusable shopping bags when we shop. The other 5% we mistakenly forget them and either purchase more bags or carry the items out to the car.

Teresa in Denver

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