Monday, February 2, 2009

Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln Same-Day Surgery Facility Opens This Week in Denver, NC

Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln Same-Day Surgery Facility Opens! Denver, NC

Wow my backyard continues to GROW . . . . Imagine that! Being a resident of Denver since 1985, I have seen a lot of changes and growing pains….I am full of Denver Trivia!

This week was the opening of our new Carolinas Medical Center – Lincoln Same-Day Surgery facility. This is a totally new medical office complex located on Forney Creek Parkway just off of Optimist Club Road which is near the next phase of the Highway 16 Bypass. Wow, just to think that when I moved here we only had one medical doctor facility and that was at the corner of Highway 16N and Unity Church Road; where the used boat/camper place is now…yep, that tiny building… can you imagine that?

At this new facility there is a shell for a second surgical center for expansion purposes and the facility will also be home too many physicians’ offices. The facilities 30 acre track of land will also facilitate an urgent-care facility expected to be added in the future.

Since there is only one surgery room and the facility will operate on a first shift timeframe only six surgeries will be done each day. There are four patient bays that will allow prep and return areas. Doing this will facilitate continuity of care between patients and nurses.

What a great addition to the place we call home!

See You in Denver!

Teresa in Denver

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