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Checkered Dreams (Sherrills Ford, NC ~ LKN)

Checkered Dreams

Checkered Dreams Children’s Charity was founded in 2003 by Sue Ziegler. This non-profit organization was established to connect kids, six to eighteen, with the victory lap they deserve. During this time Sue lived in Pennsylvania but since 2006 her family and she have resided in the Sherrills Ford area.

Coming from a family big in racing and feeling a need to give back Sue heard of a similar organization in Ohio and decided to take the idea and spin it off to make it their own. The idea is to give sick or handicapped kids (including the entire family) a fun-filled night at a local racetrack and a break from being sick and having to deal with the day-to-day of the illness.

Kids not only get to watch a race but in most cases they become a part of the race event. Autographs from drivers and getting their pictures taken in the pit area are all a part of this event. Sometimes kids get to be a part of announcing and are able to say those famous words, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” The child and family get admitted to the racetrack free and get the total VIP treatment!

Sue takes whatever donations she can get. Drivers often donate their used helmets. Sue cleans and repaints them and has drivers autograph them. What a nice memento for the child to take home in remembrance of the event.

So if you know a child or have a child who is handicapped or has a serious illness and loves racing, please contact Sue for a Checkered Dreams night at the racetrack.

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