Monday, March 9, 2009

You Just Never Know . . . . She Makes KILLER Pimento Cheese!

You just never know….. she makes killer pimento cheese!

Yesterday I had phone duty in the morning. About 11:00 some agents came in and said they were going to a Realtor luncheon and asked if I would like to tag along. At first I said no because I had already seen the house our firm had the listing for a year prior….but then I decided to go.

So I knew the house but I didn’t know who the new listing agent was until we pulled up. The listing

agent’s name was Suzanne Zickyes Suzanne is an Active Rain member and her office is right down the street from ours but I have never met her….until yesterday!! Going into the house while we were in the hallway our Broker-in-Charge (Gail Huss; she is an Active Rain member too and the most awesome BIC) was introducing us to another Realtor and when Suzanne heard my name she came around the corner and said you’re the one on Active Rain that is #1 in our area.

We really skipped the tour because we already knew the house and went straight for the food and conversation. The food was great; especially the killer “homemade” pimento cheese

that Suzanne had made and she promised to get me the recipe….I’m waiting Suzanne! Hopefully, she will be willing to share it with every one here in the Rain too.

So the food was great and the conversation was great too. I do have to say I am pretty proud of the firm I am with because some of the conversation stemmed from sharing ideas and information about the house in hopes of helping Suzanne get the house sold. The prior listing agent (Mike Bost; an awesome caring professional) from our office even offered Suzanne the pictures he had took prior to the seller moving all the furniture out…which looked like a model. Not all realtors work together like this for the real benefit of their clients and former clients.

Needless-to-say the Realtor luncheon turned out to be much more than I expected. I got to meet the real Suzanne Zick (in person) and spent a good thirty minutes in her presences talking shop and just whatever. I got a Suzanne “hug”. I got to listen to two Realtors (from different firms) talking about a clients best interest and both hoping for the house to sell soon…just how much professional is that? I got to have some killer homemade pimento cheese all of this on a rainy/windy day in Denver, NC…you just never know!

P.S.: Suzanne please put me on your invite list for the next one!

Teresa in Denver

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